Richard Kylberg – the Designer as Magician

Säsongsfinal – In English!

In this special English language episode of the podcast Back to Business, host Marius Bratten speaks with Richard Kylberg, founder and creative force behind the retail design and innovation agency Blink. In the space of just 10 years Blink has established itself as one of the leaders in its field, with clients like Target in the US, Scandinvian Airlines and grocery retailer Albert Heijn in Holland.

In this conversation we investigate how digitalisation makes it possible to run a virtual retail design agency out of Stockholm – with only a few employees and with clients all over the world. We also touch upon new life forms potentially emerging out of ripening Dutch cheese, and the designer as a practicing magician.

Read more about Blink here:

The family’s charity store that we also talk about can be found here:


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